Squash Association


SquashTV is the PSA’S proprietary live streaming platform. Their camera crew travels around the globe broadcasting live from tournaments. It also hosts thousands of historical matches, behind-the-scene content, exclusive interviews, and extended highlights.

SquashTV had been growing, but slowly. We needed to find out how to increase subscriptions in big squash markets.


Due to its solo play in such a tight space, every point in squash is a battle. The players put everything into the match and on the court.

Similarly, the SquashTV broadcast team is a content powerhouse, and loads the service with hundreds of live games, endless archives, and exclusive features.

Combining these two undeniable traits, the line It’s All Inside emerged as a key message for the brand.


Getting inside, out.


The service was loved for posting lots of highlights and replays online, but this was diluting reasons to subscribe. Things had to be trimmed, but in the right way. Subscriber and prospect interviews were held, along with a deep look at current promotions. This informed a strategy to limit free content while actually driving adoption.

From there, a targeted digital strategy across FB, IN & YT attracted fans around the world.


We delighted audiences at every touchpoint, and had content dropping like clockwork every tournament. Moreover, by the end of the first year we had grown tremendously with the team.




Paid Subscribers


Light Subscriptions


Youtube Subscriptions


Record Sponsorship Reinvestment


The next chapter came in the form of impacting the product itself. We began developing original programming for the broadcast and activating sponsors into the tournaments.


We worked with sponsors, players, and tournament promoters to coordinate our efforts to tell new stories the audience would love. Comfort Food With Nick Matthew features a beloved and newly retired player sharing a cheat meal with members of the tournament. The series shows off local cuisine, and brings players closer to the communities they play in.


Inspiring the next generation


The official racquet sponsor Dunlop, challenged us and the New York tournament to create a new way to excite fans. We explored many ways to not only bring excitement, but a meaningful experience to the event.

Traditionally, players spin the racquet to decide who serves first. Whoever the Dunlop D points to, starts the game. We created and promoted a Spin the Racquet contest, which drew one winner every match to head onto court and spin a racquet to decide who served first. 

The activation was loved by fans and sponsors and has been adopted by PSA tournaments around the world.