True Game Fans Network 



We were approached by an eSports ambassador to come up with the next tournament platform. When we looked at the market we noticed most tournaments were set up so that only hard-core gamers could participate, whether through tournament bracket software that had a limited number of entrants or short timelines to play a match. With every facet of the typical tournament made difficult for amateur players to compete for cash, we changed the model and TGFN was born.



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We first set up our hosting platform with one of the only companies that could host an unlimited number of entrants, allowing any player - amateur or pro - to compete. We then set up tournaments to take over a month to play rather than a typical weekend. This allowed working people, people with families, to compete as well and earn cash.

All Games. All Gamers.

We then broke out TGFN into a variety of gaming disciplines, with TGFN FightClub hosting DragonBall Z and Super Smash Bros., TGFN Racing hosting F1 2018 and Forza Motorsport 4, and TGFN PubG hosting PubG tournaments. We then invited top Twitch streamers to be commentators, with notable players such as Jeff Leach and Gabriel Diaz adding their signature touch to our streams. Because of this, TGFN was then asked to host their tournaments in the newly built eSports Arena at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which became TGFN Las Vegas EFest.